This comment is to inform everyone out there that the Green Bay, WI (on Lombardi) continuously sells spoiled food. This is the third time this year that I have shopped at this store and the food has been outdated, spoiled, or not cooked!

The first time it involved "fresh" chicken breast that I purchased; to make a long story short I brought the chicken home, opened up the package and it smelt terrible. Along with the smell there were also blue and black spots all over the chicken ***. I brought them back to the store and got a refund. Against my better judgment I then went to the deli and picked up some precooked breaded chicken strips because at this time it was past dinner and I wanted something quick.

I then took those home, and what do you know...They were pink in the middle..not cooked fully. So, after these two experiences I stayed away from the store for awhile. Up until yesterday; July, 25th 2017. I figured I would give it another try since it is the closest grocery store near my home.

I had purchased meatballs (and not the frozen kind) that were on sale, took them home pulled back the cardboard and found that those expired one on JUNE, 20th 2017, and JUNE, 29th 2017! Well over a month past their expiration date. Now this has been the THIRD purchase I have made at this store and the food has been bad and could have made my family VERY ILL. I will no longer be shopping at this store EVER again, and I also feel that the Health Department should be informed of these situations.

The first TWO times I decided to let it go which I should not have, and now with this happening THREE times now with food that can make people very ill; it is obviously a HUGE problem at this store and needs to be addressed before someone gets extremely sick. Sincerely, A disgusted and disappointed, now EX customer

Product or Service Mentioned: Chicken.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

I didn't like: Spoiled food.

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